Merge sort is a sorting algorithm that uses the divide, conquer, and combine algorithmic paradigm. The running time of merge sort in the average case and the worst case can be given as O(n log n).

Divide means partitioning the n-element array to be sorted into two sub-arrays of n/2 elements. If A is an array containing zero or one element, then it is already sorted. However, if there are more elements in the array, divide A into two sub-arrays, A1 and A2, each containing about half of the elements of A.

Conquer means sorting the two sub-arrays recursively using merge sort.

Combine means merging the two sorted sub-arrays of size n/2 to produce the sorted array of n elements.

Merge sort algorithm focuses on two main concepts to improve its performance (running time):

  • A smaller list takes fewer steps and thus less time to sort than a large list.
  • As number of steps is relatively less, thus less time is needed to create a sorted list from two sorted lists rather than creating it using two unsorted lists.

Procedure :

The basic steps of a merge sort algorithm are as follows:

  • If the array is of length 0 or 1, then it is already sorted.
  • Otherwise, divide the unsorted array into two sub-arrays of about half the size.
  • Use merge sort algorithm recursively to sort each sub-array.
  • Merge the two sub-arrays to form a single sorted list.


C Program for Merge Sort

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