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I am Kaushik Vaghani, live in Vadodara, Gujarat and my hometown is Rampur, located in the Amreli District of Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

I am very much fond of studying and learning new things. Though, I have my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. Apart from this, my basic research interests include Data Structure, Python Programming, Computer Networks, Block Chain, Holo Chain, Wireless and Mobile Computing, Database Indexing, Data Mining as well as Object-oriented Programming. My vision for this blog is to learn programming and pass on the knowledge to everyone else.

I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer from SCET engineering college, Surat in 2011. I was offered a job from a very good software based company during the campus placements during my B.E. and I have also worked there as Software Developer for 1 year but as I was very much interested in pursuing the career in teaching and academics as well as research, I went for a Masters Degree. I have completed my Masters of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Gujarat Technological University, in 2014.  Apart from this, I also like to do freelance software development projects.

I love travelling and touring the most. I feel that India has a lot to offer when you think about travelling and seeing new places. One should first travel each and every part of India, and then go for any place outside India. The diversity and vividness that one can see by travelling through different places of India is equivalent to travelling different parts of the World.